Koroyd: Does this mark the beginning of the end for EPS liners in motorcycle helmets?

Monaco-based company, Koroyd, has developed an innovative technology which they claim is lighter and more efficient at absorbing impacts than traditional EPS foam.  The technology is being introduced into motorcycle helmets, which have traditionally used EPS foam liners for decades.

Koroyd can use up to 78% of the material’s thickness for maximum energy absorption. Because of this large compression volume, the structure can endure multiple impacts within one accident and still have material left to absorb energy.  For example, if you crash and roll on rocks, roots or tarmac, your head may hit the ground multiple times.

It’s important to note, after one accident involving a head impact, your Koroyd helmet (or any helmet) should be replaced and not used again.

At the time of writing this article, the UK’s Safety Helmet and Rating Programme (SHARP) has not tested any of the helmets which are using Koroyd.




This article provides further information about how SHARP test helmets and the SHARP website allows you to easily find out if your helmet has been tested, and if it has, how they have rated it.

More details about Koroyd are available on their website.

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