How To Deep Clean Your Lid

Prolonging the serviceable life of your helmet doesn’t just mean keeping it stored safely when not in use, or having it after an accidental drop or impact.

A regular deep clean not only keeps it fresh, but it also extends the life of the cheek pads and inner liner, which play a vital role in proper helmet fitment.

This maintenance regime also provides an opportunity to carry out a thorough visual inspection of the chin straps and the EPS liner.

However, many find the thought of a deep clean to be somewhat intimidating, especially if they’ve never done it before.

Have no fear, our latest video provides a step by step guide to deep cleaning your lid and checking for wear and tear.

The inner cheek pads and liner deteriorate over time, and the helmet that once fitted so well at the time of purchase may no longer be such a good fit.

A poor fitting helmet presents a serious safety risk. It’s advised you replace worn padding as soon as possible.

Almost all helmet retailers will be able to help you with the correct replacements, which you can pick up for approx. £35.

Look after your gear and your gear will look after you!

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