Has your PINLOCK lost its seal?

PINLOCKS! Arguably one of the best inventions in recent times for rider safety. But over time you may find that your PINLOCK has lost its seal with the visor and has become less effective … or completely ineffective.  And once the seal has been compromised, naturally you may think it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Many of us will have had a PINLOCK supplied as standard when we purchased our helmet, so it can sometimes come as a bit of a surprise how much a replacement will set us back.

Hang on though.  If your PINLOCK is free from scratches, you may not need a replacement just yet.


If your PINLOCK has lost its seal, we have a short explainer video which will help you stay safe during your rides – bringing back that perfect seal once again.  Owf Owf!

Click through on the video below for our top tip on PINLOCK re-sealing.

If your PINLOCK is scratched, this will create impaired vision during night-time riding and/or in poor weather conditions.  We recommend a replacement if your PINLOCK is scratched or has become hazed.

Don’t forget to get your helmet tested for structural integrity.  Irrespective of the amount of use you subject your helmet to, or how carefully you store it while it’s not in use, we strongly recommend a test at least once a year or after a minor drop.  Book your test here.

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