About Us

We are an independent, UK-based motorcycle/motorsport helmet safety business.

Given the single-use nature of helmets and the mixed messages we hear and read about helmet safety, especially after a minor drop, we are providing a service that removes doubt around your helmet’s integrity and offers you a definitive answer to the question everyone should ask themselves:

“Is my helmet safe to use?”

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We believe there’s no place for ambiguity when it comes to helmet safety, so our answer is binary.  After performing a multipoint scan of your helmet, we process and inspect the data and provide you with a straight forward “Yes” or “No” answer.


We have taken a 40-year-old technology and applied it to the non-destructive testing and inspection of motorcycle and motorsport helmets.

This proven technology has been used widely in the aerospace, defence, oil & gas and marine industries for decades, where it’s been used for non-destructive testing of composite materials.

With our investors’ backing, we will soon be launching our helmet safety service in the UK.

The Helmet Inspection Company Founder and CEO Martin Slowey

Martin Slowey, Founder and CEO

Ever noticed how quickly social, cultural and language barriers crumble away when you find out you’re speaking with a fellow biker?

As motorcyclists, we’re quite a unique breed.  It doesn’t matter that we’ve never met before. Camaraderie levels are high.  We’re respectful to each other, and we also look out for each other.

It’s this philosophy that drove me to form The Helmet Inspection Company …


Like many of us have possibly done in the past, I accidentally dropped my helmet.

If the embarrassment of dropping my lid in front of a bunch of fellow bikers wasn’t bad enough, it was a premium helmet and only a few weeks old.  I felt like a complete numpty.

My mates were supportive and gave me anecdotal evidence to suggest it should be okay, so I continued to use the helmet.

After reading many conflicting articles and views on the subject, I still couldn’t find a definitive answer whether my lid was safe or not, and every time I went out on the bike I had this nagging doubt playing around in my head.  Eventually, I couldn’t take it any more, so I bought a new helmet and gave the nearly-new Shoei early retirement.

However, I still wanted to find out if it was safe to use … perhaps I could still use it as a backup lid?

There’s lots of credible information available online informing us of individual helmet safety levels, which allow us to make informed decisions when buying a new helmet.  But, these tests are ‘destructive’ and relate only to helmet models.  They’re not carried out on your actual helmet.

Many factors influence your helmet’s integrity and its ability to protect you in the event of an impact.

  • Sweat

  • Detergents / Cleaning Agents

  • Hair Products

  • Exposure to Sunlight - Heat and UV

  • Petrol Fumes

  • Impact(s)

  • Natural Ageing

  • Manufacturer Defects

So how do I know if my helmet is safe to use?

If like me, you hit the internet searching for the answer, you’ll quickly realise how much of a grey area this is.

I became dismayed at the ambiguity surrounding helmet safety, specifically, once you take ownership of a helmet.  More worrying was the advice some were willing to accept without any scientific evidence behind the well-meaning words.

What have we done that’s different?

  • We have identified and adopted a mature and proven technology for non-destructive testing of the composite materials found in non-budget motorcycle and motorsport helmets.

  • We have secured the world's leading authority and expertise in non-destructive testing of composite materials - who are also motorcyclists and understand the nature of motorcycle helmet construction.

  • We have created an efficient and convenient service that provides you with hassle-free peace of mind, with a quick turnaround.

  • We have developed a business model, which makes the service available to you at an affordable an economical price.

  • We have pioneered a first in world-class helmet safety.

So, for less than the price of a DIY oil change, we offer you an inspection service that gives you a definitive ‘Yes‘ or ‘No‘ answer to the question we all want to know, supported by objective scientific evidence from the world’s highest-ranking experts in their field.

The only question now is … why wouldn’t you?