About The Helmet Inspection Company

We are an independent, UK-based motorcycle/motorsport helmet inspection business.

Given the single-use nature of helmets and the mixed messages we hear and read about helmet safety, especially after a minor drop, we are providing a service that removes doubt around your helmet’s integrity and offers you a definitive answer to the question everyone should ask themselves:


We have taken a 40-year-old technology and applied it to the non-destructive testing and inspection of motorcycle and motorsport helmets.

This proven technology has been used widely in the aerospace, defence, oil & gas and marine industries for decades, where it’s been used for non-destructive testing of composite materials.


Will my helmet protect me in an accident?

We believe there’s no place for ambiguity when it comes to helmet safety, so our answer is binary. After performing a multi-point scan of your helmet, we process and inspect the data and provide you with a straight forward Yes or No answer.

Why are you waiting?

We are here ready and waiting to put
your safety first, so why don't you?