Welcome to The Helmet Inspection Company

Pioneers of the world's first and only non-destructive integrity test for all forms of protective headgear.

customer handing over their helmet at an authorised drop off centre
A customer hands over their helmet at an authorised drop-off centre.

Who Are We?

We are a high-tech, innovative business, providing a much-needed safety-critical service for anyone who wears protective headgear.

We're on a mission to turn safety on its head.

Our Partner Strategy

We are building a network of apparel retail partners, who, in turn, are providing customers with an opportunity to drop off their helmet(s), at any one of our partner's retail outlets, for packaging and onward shipping to our East Midlands inspection facility.

The partnership with bricks & mortar retailers provides a win-win for both customer and retailer:

  1. The customer wins ...
    It's an easy and convenient way for the customer to access a much needed safety-critical service, which provides peace of mind.

  2. The retailer wins ...
    Our helmet integrity test & inspection service attracts more customers into our retail partners' stores.

Why Do Consumers Need A Different Type Of Test?

Simply put, a visual inspection only tells one part of a story. It's still an important part of an inspection, but performing a visual inspection on its own is not a full and proper inspection.

Prior to our launch, the only integrity safety check available to consumers was a visual inspection, which is both subjective and an ineffective method for assessing the integrity of any form of protective headgear.

Customer Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about our service:

How Do We Differ From A Visual Inspection?

Using laser-holography, our NDT qualified technicians detect defects or damage to the outer shell of a helmet, which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, and provide your customer with a definitive answer to the question "Is my helmet safe to use?" Our answer is binary. It will be a Pass or a Fail.

helmet inspection animation

Customers typically use our service when they:-
  • have an older helmet and want to understand if it remains safe to use.
  • have dropped their helmet and want to understand if it will continue to be safe to use.
  • simply want a periodic check carried out for ongoing peace of mind.

Benefits To The Retailer

With the ever-increasing number of customers purchasing online, we understand the challenges of the bricks-and-mortar retailer. When you have customers visiting your physical retail space, it becomes easier to form a direct relationship with the customer, and with that comes the opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell.

Our service offers retailers the opportunity to attract further footfall into your retail space, by offering customers the convenience of an in-store helmet drop-off point for our inspection service.

Thereafter, the retailer assumes responsibility for safely and securely packaging the customer's helmet and arranging the shipping to our inspection lab. On completion of our inspection, the customer's helmet will be returned to you or the customer's preferred address - along with the inspection certificate.

If in the event we have been the bearer of bad news, and we have been unable to 'pass' a helmet inspection, we would naturally expect there to be an opportunity for you, the retailer, to help the customer select and purchase a suitable replacement helmet.

Customer Returns

We offer our partner retailers an optional returns validation service, which provides you, the retailer, with peace of mind that a customer-returned helmet may be safely returned to stock for re-sale.

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