We are a UK-based non-destructive helmet inspection service provider, set up by bikers for bikers.

Our service is dedicated to offering you peace of mind for THE most safety-critical part of your gear …


Let us tell you if it continues to meet the manufacturer’s standards.

We have adapted existing laser scanning technology, widely used in the aerospace industry, to perform a non-destructive test (NDT) on your motorcycle helmet to identify potential defects, which may compromise the safety of your helmet.

We identify defects otherwise invisible to the naked eye …

More specifically, defects that may exist between the outer shell and the EPS liner.

We inspect the part of your helmet that cannot be visibly inspected.

non-destructive test inspection
Scanned Motorcycle Helmet showing area of damage not visible to the naked eye

This isn’t about checking helmets that are obviously unsuitable …

If you’ve had an incident which involved an impact, we strongly recommend you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

This is simply about those who may want a periodic check OR a check if your lid has had a minor impact (e.g. dropped off the bike whilst stationary).

Think of us as an MOT service for your helmet.

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