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Helmet Integrity Test

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Whether you’re a biker, boarder, skier, equestrian, road cyclist or mountain biker … we’ve got you covered when it comes to determining if your dropped or aged helmet continues to be safe to use.

How Do We Test Your Helmet?

  1. Using specialist laser technology, we create a real-time 3D hologram of your crash helmet / riding hat at each inspection point.
  2. We then apply a small amount of heat (+2-3degC) to your helmet at the inspection point.
  3. While the laser is focused on the inspection point, the coefficient of thermal expansion kicks in. As your helmet cools we compare how the hologram changes shape to reveal areas of damage to the helmet, should they exist.
  4. We then record the inspection data and capture images.
Repeat steps 1-4 until the entire surface of your helmet has been inspected.

Why Test a Helmet?

A crash helmet / riding hat is capable of harbouring safety-critical damage, which in many cases is simply not visible to the human eye. So, a visual inspection, even by a trained technician, is as effective as predicting a winning lottery number.

The resins and glues used to manufacture the shell naturally deteriorate over time, but the factors that accelerate the rate of degradation are complex, which is why manufacturers normally state a helmet is good for 3-5 years.

Our lab has tested helmets that are less than 2 years old, which have failed. We have also tested helmets that are +10 years old and they have passed.

These results reinforce our position that a visual inspection is wholly ineffective.

But Ultimately ...

It's because we’re also bikers, boarder, skiers, cyclists, mountain bikers and equestrians - and we want to provide people like us with peace of mind for the most important part of your gear.

The holographic test scan is capable of identifying damage that may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

  • full surface coverage
  • non-contact
  • non-destructive

For your ultimate safety, we see what you can’t.

We insure your helmet to the value of £5,000 when you’re sending it to us AND when we’re returning it to you. Awesome, right!?

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Ensure You Meet Motorbike Helmet Standards in the UK

UK and European laws mandate high safety standards to keep motorcyclists safe and reduce their risk of injury when they experience a crash.

Have you ever wondered how to check motorbike helmet safety?

Checking your crash helmet for damage is essential to ensure you stay safe, no matter where you ride. However, it can be challenging to check your helmet yourself and ensure it meets motorbike helmet standards in the UK, especially after a crash or a minor drop.

The Helmet Inspection Company is here to help you.

How to Give Your Motorcycle Helmet a Safety Inspection

While we recommend you regularly give your motorcycle helmet a visual inspection, simply looking it over for evident signs of damage often isn’t enough.

How do we check if your helmet is safe?

The answer is simple.

We provide laser inspection services that can identify even the smallest cracks to determine if your motorbike helmet is still safe to use.  We understand motorbike helmet standards in the UK and can help you determine whether or not you need a new helmet.

Is It Safe to Use After a Drop?

Many people are aware that they should replace a motorcycle helmet after experiencing a severe crash, but should you replace a dropped bike helmet?

The answer depends on whether your helmet was damaged in the fall.

Unfortunately, the safety-critical damage that can occur from a small drop almost always goes undetected, which poses a significant safety risk.

With our helmet inspection service, you can rest assured we will advise you whether or not your motorbike helmet is safe to use, even after you drop it.

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