Our Story

The Helmet Inspection Company was born out of the desire by our founder to provide a definitive answer to an age-old question many of us have asked over the years.

Is my helmet still safe to use?


The Helmet Inspection Company, Is My Helmet Still Safe To Use

A helmet can be a costly purchase, and the thought of replacing it before it’s absolutely necessary often influences our outlook towards risk.

Our decision-making can also be fuelled if we’ve never had to call on our helmet to save us from serious injury.

If there’s little or no visible signs of damage, we’ve now got the perfect storm and it becomes easy to convince ourselves it’ll be okay.

Out of sight, out of mind.

When our founder accidentally dropped a new motorcycle helmet, he wanted to know if it would continue to perform as intended, or if he needed to retire the helmet and purchase a replacement. Is it still safe to use?

The thought of shelling out for a replacement wasn’t appealing.

Friends provided anecdotal evidence and further words of reassurance, all suggesting the helmet would be okay to continue to use:

  • “Your head wasn’t in it at the time, it’ll be okay”
  • “If a helmet can’t withstand a small drop like that, it’s never going to protect you if you came off”
  • “That’s just cosmetic. You definitely don’t need a new helmet”
  • “I saw a helmet guy on a YouTube video, and he said …”

All very convincing … so the helmet continued to be used for another few months.

But our man was far from convinced, and the doubt was creeping in when he was out on his bike.

He took the helmet to his local retailer, and asked the OEM-trained technician to carry out an inspection.

The retailer provided a thorough visual inspection and declared It should be fine

As thorough as this visual inspection appeared to be, the result wasn’t convincing.

What would happen if a different technician were to carry out another visual inspection on the same helmet?
Would it still be the same result?

He left the retailer’s premises with doubts and still lacked peace of mind. Is my helmet still safe to use?

So, we fixed it for you.

We’ve created a service that’s both affordable and convenient. And with an efficient 4-5 working days turnaround we don’t tie your helmet up at our lab for weeks on end.

What About The Dropped Helmet?

Safety-critical damage was identified during our test – and a new helmet was purchased.

Does That Mean A Dropped Helmet Is Definitely Compromised?

Absolutely not! Our man was just unlucky.

Since we started providing our service in July 2021, we’ve tested thousands of customer helmets and the pass rate is currently 75%.

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