Integrity Test

How To Book Your Test and What To Expect

This is the starting point for booking your helmet integrity test.

To create a booking, we ask that you supply a few details in the form below before proceeding to the checkout.


PLEASE NOTE: the cost of our service does not include shipping your helmet to us.

After completing the checkout process (below):

  • Login to your newly created account and print off the address label we’ve created for you
  • Remove your visor and any external devices (comms etc)
  • Securely package your helmet
  • Affix our address label to your box
  • Arrange for your helmet to be sent to us at your convenience

Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of these steps in an email once you’ve generated your booking.

Once we’ve received your helmet at our test laboratory you’ll receive a series of emails updating you with the progress of the test:

  1. Helmet received at our test laboratory
  2. Pre-inspection complete
  3. Test complete (certificate available to download)
  4. Awaiting courier collection (with courier tracking reference)
  5. Collected by courier … it’s on its way back to you

New here? to show additional information.

Includes *free 48hr return shipping
Optional 24hr return shipping available

* UK Zone 1 - additional fees may apply for other zones

Helmet Details

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Enter ‘Cost of Helmet’ as a whole number omitting (£) currency sign, decimals, and commas, e.g. 500 – not £500 or 500.00

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Any other details: e.g., is this a speculative test or do you suspect damage?

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 Please note

Please supply one photograph showing the entire helmet. This is simply so we can visually verify your helmet when it arrives at our lab.

I have read and understood the booking pre-requisites

We may not be able to conduct a full and proper test if a visor is affixed, and regrettably we cannot remove visors.


Many factors affect the safety and integrity of your helmet.

  • Minor impact(s)
  • Ultraviolet light (sunlight)
  • Time (natural ageing)
  • Manufacturer defects

Our non-destructive non-contact test identifies defects, which may have been caused by any of the above, and provides you with the peace of mind to continue enjoying your motorcycle.

If your helmet has been subject to a major impact we strongly recommend you retire your helmet. If you are in any doubt, please email us photographs of your helmet before booking a test. We will contact you with an assessment of whether or not our test service is appropriate for your particular circumstances.