Helmet Safety Inspection

Helmet Safety Inspection Service – What To Expect?

Book an inspection, package up your helmet, and arrange for it to be sent to us.  You’ll receive a series of emails throughout the process:

Helmet received at the inspection facility
Pre-inspection complete
Inspection complete (certificate emailed immediately)
Awaiting courier collection (with courier tracking reference)
Collected by courier

Doorstep Courier Collection?

Not a fan of queuing in a Post Office?  Choose a doorstep collection for your helmet safety inspection service at checkout and we’ll call you to arrange a suitable day for our courier collection.  Collections are Mon-Fri / 09:00-16:00 (excluding public holidays).

Shipping Insurance?

We’ve got you covered with our free inclusive £5,000 cover as standard.

No matter what method you choose to send us your lid, it’ll be covered – this includes you sending your lid to us, whether you send it by carrier pigeon or Colin the Courier – it’s covered.

Our insurance also covers the return leg of the journey, back to you.

Turnaround Time?

We’re currently working on a 2-3 day inspection window.

Return Shipping?

Standard return shipping is express48.  Select express24 at checkout if you want your lid returned quicker.


Includes *free 48hr return shipping
Optional 24hr return shipping available

* UK Zone 1 - additional fees may apply for other zones

Helmet Details

Please note

Enter ‘Cost of Helmet’ as a whole number omitting (£) currency sign, decimals, and commas, e.g. 500 – not £500 or 500.00

 Please note

We require photographs of your helmet just before you ship it to us for our pre-inspection process. We don’t need these images immediately. You will have an opportunity to upload photographs on your account page once you’re logged in.

(max file size 50 MB)

(max file size 50 MB)

(max file size 50 MB)

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Many factors affect the safety and integrity of your helmet.

  • Petrol fumes
  • Ultraviolet light (sunlight)
  • Hair products
  • Sweat
  • Time (natural ageing)
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Known impact(s)
  • Unknown impact(s)

Our non-destructive inspection service identifies defects, which may have been caused by any of the above, and provides you with the peace of mind to continue enjoying your motorcycle.