Booking Pre-Requisites

Why Should I Read This?

We want to ensure you receive great service from us, so we ask that you familiarise yourself with a few simple pre-requisites before sending your helmet to us.

We hope you don't find these requirements too onerous. We simply want to ensure we get your helmet tested and returned to you as quickly as possible.

Visors / Peaks:
  • If your helmet has a visor, and/or any removable elements, such as a peak etc., please remove these and store them in a safe place.
Pinlocks: over time a Pinlock will lose it's seal with the visor. Remove your Pinlock and store it flat while your helmet is away getting tested. This will improve the seal when it comes to re-fitting it to your visor.

You could also remove the Pinlock and refit it in reverse.
External Devices:
  • Remove any external after-market devices and their fittings, such as an intercom or camera etc.
  • Internal fittings can remain in place - we do not require these to be removed.
Clean Helmet Policy:
  • Please ensure you send us a helmet with a clean outer shell. Our inspection process will be less effective if there is detritus present - and we don't want to deliver an inconclusive result.
  • Should we deem it necessary to clean your lid before conducting an inspection we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee / or return your helmet un-tested.
Helmet Container / Box:
  • We know this won't come as a surprise, but it's your responsibility to ensure you provide suitable protection for both legs of the shipping. We use the same container you send us your helmet in for the return journey, so please ensure it is capable of withstanding two journeys through the postal/courier system.
  • If we believe the container is not suitable for the return journey, we will call you to discuss your options.
If you do not have a suitable box for shipping, we recommend using one similar to this, which is fulfilled by Amazon.

Note: the above link will open a new browser window and will take you to the product on
  • If you have a soft helmet bag, place your helmet in the bag to avoid any potential scratching from the packaging. Alternatively, a single layer of bubblewrap will suffice.
  • The key to effective protection is how you fill the void space in the box. We recommend you use loosely scrunched newspaper for this. Please ensure you provide ample protection on the bottom and top, as well as the sides.
  • Ensure no part of your helmet is touching the inside walls of the box.
Shipping: There are a vast number of options available to you when it comes to getting your helmet/hat sent to us.
  • Work or Home Courier Collection
  • Shop Drop Off
  • Retailer Drop Off
  • In-Person Drop Off
With so many variables involved, we believe it's better for you to choose a shipping option that best suits your needs. That said, we will be pleased to arrange this service on your behalf. An additional fee will apply.
There's a number of shipping / courier comparison sites that specialise in finding options for you and we've listed a few below. This isn't an exhaustive list, and we encourage you to shop around.
Return Shipping: Our contracted courier is ParcelForce, who collect from us on a daily basis - week days - excluding holidays.

When we've finished your inspection, our team re-package your helmet and scan your test as "awaiting collection". This process automatically connects with the ParcelForce system, which provides us with a unique tracking number.

ParcelForce will collect on the following working day and deliver your helmet back to you on the return shipping service you chose when you were making your booking.
Keep an eye out for our dispatch email. This will have the ParcelForce tracking number linked to the ParcelForce online parcel tracking system.

Additional Information

Order Traceability:
  • On receipt of your helmet at our inspection facility, we affix a small circular data (NFC) tag to the lower rear area on the outer shell of your helmet.
  • This tag allows us to uniquely identify your helmet as it progresses through our inspection process.
  • If you send us your helmet again in the future, we will use the same tag.
  • We advise you leave this tag on your helmet after we have returned your helmet to you.
Helmet Preparation:
  • In some cases, we may need to treat the outer shell of your helmet with an inert powder to reduce any reflective properties of your helmet.
  • This substance is a little like talcum powder and is perfectly safe.  While we will make every effort to remove all of the powder, there may be some residual powder remaining when you receive your helmet back from us.
  • We are unable to store your helmet at our facility for any period beyond the scope of our inspection process.
  • If you wish to have your helmet stored for a longer period, please contact us before booking your helmet with us.
  • We currently have no mechanism for disposing of customer helmets.
There may be uses for a disused helmet:
  • Turn it into a planter
  • Donate it to your local emergency services - fire / ambulance etc
If you decide to send your old helmet to landfill, cut off the straps - and if you can bring yourself to it - destroy the helmet beyond recognition.