Video: Bikes, Beers & Banter – Episode #2 | Rich Gibson, Gibson Motorsport

Yorkshireman domiciled in Staffordshire, former White Helmets Display Rider, club-level motorcycle racer and Mental Health Motorbike Ambassador.  Rich Gibson, joins us on Episode 2 of Bikes, Beers & Banter.

Rich is wavering on retirement from club racing after a bad accident, but his determination to remain on two wheels has found him putting in an entry for the 2022 Weston Beach Race (21-23 October) to raise funds for his chosen charity.

We talk about his early introduction to motorcycles and his motivation for joining the army at 19yrs old.

After experiencing his horrific crash at Mallory Park earlier this year, Rich has been parked up for most of the season recovering from his injuries. This is a lad with a high count of broken bones, and in his own words, why his nose now points to 2 o’clock.

Rich also talks us through some of the motorcycles he’s owned over the years and why he’s so passionate about Honda motorcycles.  His ultimate motorcycle is the 1960’s Honda RC166, a 250cc 6-cylinder racing legend.

Honda RC166 250cc 6-cylinder racing legend

When it comes to supporting his chosen charity, Rich is not shy of rolling up his sleeves and putting in the graft, or indeed taking part in some mad fund-raising activities.


You can support Rich’s fundraising for Mental Health Motorbike via his Go Fund Me page.

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